Problems of resources

Energy and raw material problem - explains the explosive growth of consumption of fuel and raw materials. Only in the twentieth century in the world was produced and consumed fuel and raw materials more than ever before in human history. Been extracted from the earth 40% coal, 50% copper, 55% iron ore, 60% diamonds 75% oil, 80% gas. Science warns that at current energy consumption of proven fossil fuel reserves sufficient for about 150 years, including oil - for 35 years, gas - 45 years

The problems of human culture

The problems of war

In the world of accumulated monstrous weapons of mass destruction. For every person on Earth has to many weapons, which is enough to destroy all life 20 times!

There came the realization that a nuclear war would be the end of life on Earth. The consequence of this war, as established scientists would be "nuclear winter."

The concept of "nuclear winter" is as follows. As a result of nuclear explosions occur massive fires, accompanied by the release into atmosphere huge amounts of combustion products. Clouds composed of tiny particles of soot , absorb and scatter sunlight , causing blackout Earth's surface - " nuclear night ." As a result, violated the radiation balance of the planet, its surface temperature decreases to 15-20 ° C , leading to the death of all living things.

These are problems associated with the collision of cultures, ethnicities and religions. At the end of the twentieth century came a surge of nationalism and separatism, which destabilized the situation , but especially in the Balkans , the Caucasus, the Middle East, South Asia.

An important factor of instability in the modern world has become a religious ( Islamic ) fundamentalism .


The problem of terrorism is compounded by the fact that the terrorist acts carried out for thousands of kilometers from ethnic and religious conflicts . The terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in New York , the events in Moscow in October 2002 and Bislan in September 2004 show that the modern world has become too small, and no one , no matter where he lived , can not feel completely excluded war of ideologies.

Economic problems

Global crisis

Global crisis - the global economic downturn, which began with the crisis in the financial sector in the United States in 2007-2008. This recession is the longest time an event that began in 2008 and did not end until the present time.

The emergence of the crisis associated with the overall economic development of the cyclical, imbalances in international trade and capital movements, as well as overheating of the credit market and especially manifested its consequence mortgage crisis - as a result of credit expansion, launched in the 1980s - early 2000s.

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