Quality of the repelled particle.

Of course, the quality can be any. It can be as a particle with the Field of Attraction and with the Field of Repulsion.

And the magnitude of the Field can be any. If we are talking about the repelled particle with Field of Repulsion, then why does its own quality of the particle affect the value of Repulsion Force? All the matter is that any particle with the Field of Repulsion emitting Ether thereby constantly creates around a so-called "ethereal pillow". It turns out that the particle is additionally repelled by the "ethereal pillow", which it constantly creates on the other side, where the repelling particle is located. And the speed of creation by the particle of the "ethereal pillow" corresponds to the speed of Ether emission, i.e. corresponds to its value of Repulsive Field.

In modern physics there is no the Law of Universal Repulsion similar to the Law of Universal Attraction opened by Newton. And in vain. We do not understand why such law has not been formulated still, because its manifestations are not less obvious than the demonstrations of the Gravity Law. Take at least the known fact as the rise of heated air up.

If there is no the law, there is no formula that describes the interaction of objects, at least one of which is the cause of Repulsive Force. But we will correct this misunderstanding.

By analogy with the formula for the Law of Gravitation (but not of Isaac Newton, which derived by us in the article about gravitation) we will create the following formula for the Law of Antigravitation:

F = (am1/ r) + am2, where am1/ r – it’s antimass of the repelling object computed for a given point, i.e. considering the distance and am2 – it’s antimass of the repelled particle.

As you can see, in this case we also use not a multiplication of antimasses, but their addition. In order to know at some point of time the speed of motion of investigated repelled particle away from the repulsive object, we don't need to multiply their Repulsive Fields (antimasses), but namely to fold them. Repulsive Field – is a rate of Ether motion from the emitting it object. In order to know the motion speed of the particle it is necessary to add up the rate of ethereal flow generated by the repulsive particle, (i.e. the value of its Repulsive Field at a given point) and the repulsion speed of the repelled particle by the created by its own "ethereal pillow".

We take antimass of the repelled particle and add to it the Repulsive Field of the repelling particle calculated at the given point, i.e. taking into account the distance. For this we take no initial value of antimass of the repelling object, but the antimass divided by the distance.

This formula is suitable only for those cases, when the repelled object itself has the Field of Repulsion, i.e. antimass. If the repelled particle is characterized by mass (i.e. it generates an Attractive Field), the formula will change slightly. We will give the formula below.


Let's consider details of the mechanism of anti-gravity on the example of particles of different quality.

A thought experiment conducted by us will occur in ideal conditions – i.e. in the totally empty space. One of interacting particles necessarily has the Field of Repulsion.

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