Chemical elements of the mineral kingdom consist of elementary particles only of the Physical Plane. The plants include particles of the Astral Plane. And in the bodies of animals there are even particles of the Mental Plane. In the three Planes - physical, astral and mental - the number of particles Yin (with the Fields of Attraction) prevails over the number of particles Yang (with the Fields of Repulsion). So at the bottom of the atmospheric ocean, on a solid surface of the planet, where we live, the percentage of particles Yin is more. Moreover, the force of attraction from the side of all the elements of the planet, of the solid and liquid parts of its surface acts on all.

Thus, in the world around us the predominant part of chemical elements belongs to the mineral kingdom. Therefore, mainly we are surrounded by the elementary particles of the Physical Plane. They are characterized by a significant predominance of the Force of Attraction over the Repulsive Force. So for us it is easy to observe in the surrounding bodies mainly the manifestations of the Gravity. Something fell to the ground - here is and the manifestation of the Law of Gravitation.

It's a little more difficult to observe the manifestations of the Repulsive Forces. Exactly because of this reason the Repulsive Force – or otherwise antigravitation – is still not recognized by science. Although there are so many of natural phenomena and processes explained by the Law of Repulsion.

In the physics literature in the sections on electromagnetism the Repulsion Forces are mentioned along with the Forces of Attraction. But since anybody among scientists still has not linked the gravitation and electromagnetism well, then nobody recognized the existence of the antipode for gravitation similar to the electromagnetic Repulsive Force. As a result, since the time of Isaac Newton's only the Law of Universal Gravitation exists in classical physics.

If the Repulsion Force does not manifest in nature along with the Force of Attraction, it would not have been possible such phenomena as disintegration of chemical compounds and changing the physical state of matter towards a more rarefied. Were it not for the Repulsive Force, our bodies would have been squashed into a pancake on a solid surface of the planet. And the Earth itself would be a tiny superdense celestial body.

Such physical process as extension of the bodies during their heating indirectly points to existence of Repulsive Forces in Nature. Or such as the rise up of heated air.



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