Transformation of the quality - is the temperature increase of an elementary particle.

An Act of Transformation of the Quality (a Raising of Kundalini) - is an amazing law, the manifestations of which we can observe constantly around us as a basis for many natural phenomena.

Let's look at its essence.

As already mentioned, any particle is a sphere, in the center point of which there is created Ether, and on the periphery - it is destroyed. A sphere itself has the ability to hold Ether in its borders. And the quantity of Ether that fills the sphere of the particle in the given moment is only its.

Whenever an excessive amount of external Ether enters in a particle per unit of time, Transformation of the external manifestation of its quality occurs.

This is the wording of the Law of Transformation of external manifestation of Quality. Note, in the Law of Transformation we speak not about changing of the quality of particle, namely the changing of the external manifestation of the quality. The sheer quality of the particle remains unchanged – i.e. the speed of creation and destruction of Ether does not change. But the features of the Force Field of the particle (the Fields of Attraction or Repulsion) undergo changes.

For brevity instead of "transformation of the external manifestation of quality" we simply will say - Transformation of the Quality of the particle.

How, does enrolling in a particle of "excessive" Ether change (make to evolve) external manifestation of its quality?

What is meant by "excessive Ether"?

Excessive Ether - is Ether, which in usual, natural conditions must not enter into the particle. This Ether is "above the norm". Particle "has not order it", but has received this "gift". And external Ether passing through the particle unplanned is for it "excessive".

Transformation of the quality can occur in particles of any quality – and with Fields of Attraction and with Fields of Repulsion, and for any value of these fields.

Let’s take, for example, a particle with a Field of Attraction. In usual conditions, exactly as Ether on all sides from the surrounding ethereal field goes to such particle, as it needs to destroy. If the particle falls into an ethereal flow, created by the object with the Field of Attraction or Repulsion or arising due to the motion of the particle relative the ethereal field, this ethereal flow causes an increase in the rate of entering into it of external Ether. Excessive Ether entering into the particle exerts pressure on Ether filling the particle and prevents that own created in the particle Ether is destroyed in it. Ether, born into a central point, can not move toward the front hemisphere, where excessive Ether enters. As a result, all born Ether moves to the rear hemisphere of the particle.

In the rear hemisphere everything is going according to plan. There is destroyed that portion of born Ether, which must be destroyed. Since this is a particle with a Field of Attraction, it lacks of own Ether and in it additionally Ether from the outside comes, creating a Field of Attraction. But in the case of transformation that part of born Ether that has not destroyed in the front hemisphere is destroyed in the rear one.

All own Ether will be destroyed or not, depends on the speed with which Ether is destroyed in the particle and the speed of creation. It may happen that Ether enters into the particle with insufficient speed and in the front hemisphere still some part of the born Ether is destroyed. Therefore, it comes into the rear hemisphere less. As a result, the rear hemisphere nothing will emit and even need to continue to compensate for a deficiency of Ether from outside (although at a slower rate), creating a Field of Attraction. I.e. transformation can only reduce the value of the Field of Attraction in the rear hemisphere, but not remove it completely and replace by the Field of Repulsion.

If Ether entered into the particle at a rate exceeding the rate of destruction of Ether in it, then in the particle there appears redundant additional, external Ether. In the rear hemisphere there is destroyed only as Ether, as required. The rest will come out form the particle as a Repulsion Field.

As you can see, the basis for the emerging of a particle in the rear hemisphere a Repulsion Field is an amount of born Ether, that not collapsed or in the front or in the rear hemisphere, and an amount of external Ether that entered into the front surface of the particle, but also was not destroyed (proved beyond measure). All this Ether comes out of the particle in the form of Repulsion Field. The value of arising Field of Repulsion (the rate of an ethereal flow) depends on the rate of entry into the particle of external Ether, and also on the quality of the particle. The greater the velocity of the external ethereal flow is, the greater the velocity of creation is and the lesser the rate of destruction, the greater the likelihood that the Gravity Field of the particle in the rear hemisphere not only will be reduced, but will disappear at all, replacing by the Field of Repulsion (by emitted Ether).

Occurrence of the Field of Attraction or emergence of the Field of Repulsion at the particle - though not on the whole surface, but only in the rear hemisphere - this is the transformation (evolution) of the external manifestation of the quality of the particle.

And now let’s speak about the transformation of the quality of a particle having outside this process the Field of Repulsion. Unlike the particle with the Field of Attraction such particle at all does not absorb Ether from ambient ethereal field. Instead, it is a source of Ether, i.e. it emits. Despite this difference, the mechanism of what is happening with the particle is completely analogous to what we have described for particles Yin. Whenever a particle falls into an ethereal flow, created by the object with the Field of Attraction or Repulsion or by motion relative to ethereal field, this external Ether puts pressure on its front hemisphere (front – relative to the ethereal flow). This means that Ether, moving from the center of the particle to its periphery does not get an opportunity to be emitted, as well as part of it will not be destroyed in the Zone of Destruction of the front hemisphere. Instead, there will be destroyed the external Ether, that entered into the particle in front of it. And then, only as much as it is necessary in accordance with the rate of destruction. Thus, all Ether that was born, as well as an amount of external one that came in, but not was destroyed, is moving to the rear hemisphere. And in the rear hemisphere everything is as it should be – there is destroyed the part of Ether because it was born in the central area. Therefore, any excessive Ether from the front hemisphere is just emitting. As a result, the value of the Field of Repulsion (rate of emission of Ether) in the rear increases. So the Law of Transformation of external manifestation of the quality manifests with respect to the particles with the Field of Repulsion.

The value on which the Field of Repulsion of the particle increases depends on three factors: on the speed with which external Ether entered into the particle, on the rate of destruction of Ether in it and on the rate of its creation.

We can quantify assess the value of transformation of the particles, regardless of whether they have Fields of Attraction or Repulsion using the "degree of transformation of the quality".

The degree of transformation of the external manifestations of the quality we should understand as the difference between the rate of emission of Ether after transformation and the rate of emission before. Accordingly, for the particles Yin to the resulting difference we must add the value of their Field of Attraction, i.e. the rate of absorption of Ether.

Let's list "the ways of getting" of transformation of the quality or in other words the conditions under which the pressure of external Ether changes the outward manifestation of quality of the particle.

1) Transformation of quality occurs in any particle moving relative to the surrounding ethereal field. The pressure of external Ether in this case is caused by pressure on Ether of the moving particle by itself. The resultant effect of this is similar to as if Ether himself moves toward the particle. Transformation does not occur when ambient ethereal field moves in the same direction and at the same speed, i.e. when moving somewhere Ether carries a particle.

This "way of transforming quality" - transformation of the quality during the movement - is the basis of such phenomenon as inertia.

2) Transformation by Ether of the Field of Attraction (transformation by gravitation):

3) Transformation by Ether of the Field of Repulsion (transformation by antigravitation).

a) At the collision of particles;

b) An investigated particle and the particle with the Field of Repulsion forcing it to be transformed are at rest as part of conglomerate of particles, for example, of such as a chemical element.

Transformation from the point of view of the occultist, it is nothing like "Rise of Kundalini" or else "Ignition of Lights". Why this process do we call the “Rise of Kundalini”?

Kundalini is known to be a "Fiery serpent biting its own tail", Spirit rotating in the particle during time. Kundalini is the Soul, a particle. When we talk about "Rise" - this means that the external quality of the particle climbs the evolutionary stair. The birth of the Spirit and its emission is an evolution. Whereas its destruction and absorption is involution. It turns out that when the Field of Repulsion occurs or increases in the particle, it evolves.

All that just said is suitable for an explanation of why we use the expression "Ignition of Lights". Fire - is synonymous with the Spirit. Any particle is a "rotating" Fire. Ignition of Lights - this is the exact synonym of scientific expression "rise in temperature". The fire is burning, i.e. particle temperature rises - its temperament and quality change.

Just about this Law – the Law of Transformation – Alice Bailey tried to tell us in the "Treatise on the Seven Rays", when she said that the minerals pass the Initiation by Fire and pressure. Initiation by Fire and pressure - this is just one of the ways of the transformation of elementary particles - transformation by emitted Ether – by the Field of Repulsion. Another synonym for the term "transformation" is transmutation. Something on this topic you can find at the end of the volume "Esoteric Astrology". Perhaps in the next books we explain information presented by A. Bailey.



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