Particles with Fields of Attraction are the causes of occurrence of Gravity Forces in the surrounding particles. And what is about the particles forming the Fields of Repulsion in the ethereal field? They do not cause the Force of Attraction. No, any particle with the Field of Repulsion is the reason of Repulsive Force in surrounding particles.

Force of Repulsion arising in any particle - is an ethereal flow forcing the Ether of the particle to move away from the excess of Ether arising in the ethereal field. Excess of Ether is always formed by the particle with the Field of Repulsion.

In the section of physics dedicated to electromagnetism Forces of Repulsion exist on a par with Forces of Attraction. However, in electromagnetism not the bodies, but the charged particles are attracted and repelled, i.e. there is no relationship with gravitation. But if anti-gravitation (repulsion) recognized by scientists, and not just recognized, but became as the antipode of gravitation, everything would fall into place. Electromagnetism would become in the minds of scientists nothing else but the gravitational-antigravitational interaction. Positive and negative charges would have converted into mass and antimass. That's all. So we would have made the first step in the direction of "Grand Unification" of four interactions.

In reality, the source of Repulsive Field (particle, chemical element or cluster of chemical elements) can be shielded by free particles or chemical elements (bodies, mediums). Fields of Attraction and Fields of Repulsion of the shielding objects change the magnitude of Repulsive Force in the investigated object.

The screening particles with Fields of Repulsion themselves are the causes of Repulsive Forces. And these Forces of Repulsion we should add to the Force of Repulsion of the object, influence of which we explore.

The screening particles with Fields of Attraction are the causes of Attractive Forces. These Forces of Attraction we must subtract from the Forces of Repulsion, which we examine.

Now a few words about the features of repulsion of the particles with different magnitudes ​​of Repulsive Fields.

If both interacting particles have Fields of Repulsion with different magnitudes, then a repelling particle is the particle with the larger Field, and a repelled is the particle with the smaller Field. I.e. the particle with the smaller Field of Repulsion will move away from the particle with the larger Field, and not vice versa. Let this will called the Rule of Subordination to the Dominant Force of Repulsion.

If both particles have Fields of Repulsion and their values are the same, then they both will be simultaneously repelled and repelling. And both will be moving away from one another with the same speed.

In that case, if only one of the particles has Field of Repulsion and the second is characterized by the Field of Attraction, then the repelling is the particle Yang. Yin is always a repelled.

As you can see, all is in analogy with the Force of Attraction, only vice versa.


The mechanism of anti-gravitation (repulsion) is completely opposed to the mechanism of gravitation (attraction).

One of two particles involved in the anti-gravity interaction necessarily must have a Repulsive Field. Otherwise, we can not keep talking about anti-gravity interaction.

The process of gravitation is the same as to reel thread on a "tangle". If we will draw an analogy with the mechanism of gravitation, then the process of repulsion - is the unreeling of a "tangle". A particle with Field of Repulsion is a "tangle". Emission of Ether is the unreeling of "thread" (Ether). A particle with Field of Repulsion unreeling the "thread" (emitting Ether) increases the distance between it and surrounding particles, i.e. pushes away them from itself. At the same time the Ether in particles with the Fields of Repulsion does not end. Particles do not stop to emit it.

Of those two particle involved in the anti-gravitational process that one, which has Field of Repulsion, is the repelling. Accordingly the second particle is repelled. The particle of any quality can be repelled - as with the Field of Repulsion and with the Field of Attraction. In that case, if both particles have Fields of Repulsion, each of them is play a role as repelling and repelled.

The mechanism of repulsion is based on the second principle of Ether behaviour - "In the ethereal field areas with excessive density don’t appear". Ether that fills a particle and with it the particle itself move away from the excess of Ether arising in that place of ethereal field, where an object with the Field of Repulsion is located.





Ethereal flow that forces the Ether of the repelled particle to move away from excess of Ether( i.e. from the object with Field of Repulsion) we call the "Force of Repulsion”.

Naturally, in contrast to the process of gravity there is no connection between repelling particles. There can be no question about connection between the particles. Let us assume that two particles are gravitationally bound. But as a result of transformation one of them or both at once changed the Gravitational Field on the Repulsive Field. The mechanism of antigravitation comes into action immediately and the particles repel each other, i.e. connection is broken off.

Value of Repulsive Force depends on the same three factors as magnitude of the Force of Attraction:

1) Magnitude of Repulsive Field of the particle (the chemical element or body), which is the cause of Repulsive Force;

2) The distance between the source of Repulsive Field and the investigated particle;

3) Quality of repelled particle.

Let's consider the impact of all these factors.

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