Not only Yin particles but also particles Yang can exert transformative impact on the surrounding particles. Exactly the same as any existing particles with the Field of Attraction has a transformative effect on all the other particles of the universe, and it makes any existing particle with the Field of Repulsion - it contributes to the transformation of all the particles of the universe. However, due to the range of possible distances between the particles the produced effect tends to zero. Nevertheless, each particle in the elements of our bodies "feels" that some particle with the Field of Repulsion anywhere in the universe every moment emits Ether into ethereal field of the universe.

What is the mechanism of transformation by the Field of Repulsion?

To talk about the transformation by the Field of Repulsion is more complicated than the transformation by the movement or by the Field of Attraction. And all because the movement and gravity is very natural processes in the world around us in the composition of celestial bodies. While antigravitation is less obvious under these conditions. Merge the particles with the Fields of Attraction in the conglomerate automatically entails the transformation by attraction. While particles with the Fields of Repulsion do not create conglomerates and into existing enter with difficulty. Ether emitted by the particle Yang, more often if possible, just pushes away the surrounding particles or repelled itself. And only if there is an obstacle to distance the surrounding particles or this particle Yang itself, there is transformation by antigravitation. Emitted Ether passes through the surrounding particles and heats them in such manner.

As mentioned earlier, there are two "methods" of transformation of the particles with the Field of Repulsion. First - is the transformation by Ether emitted by the particles Yang in the conglomerates. And the second - is the transformation at the collision with Ether emitted by the particles moving by inertia.

In order to understand the transformation by antigravitation by the first “method”, we must determine the structural features of a chemical element. What is it?

A chemical element is a conglomerate consisting as of individual particles and of smaller conglomerates - unstable particles which include protons, neutrons, electrons, positrons and others. Different types of photons that make up the chemical elements are stable particles, indivisible. Photons are part of neutrons, protons, electrons, positrons and other unstable particles. The number of possible variations of unstable particles in the qualitative and quantitative composition of the stable particles is incredibly large. Imagine to yourself that few particles are separated from unstable particle, but in the end - it is a little bit different type of particles than it was before. But let’s back to the transformation.

A chemical element consists of a plurality of smaller conglomerates. As at the celestial body it has some lighter unstable particles and some heavier. Light chemical elements in a celestial body are located on the periphery, and heavy are closer to the center. And the same is in a chemical element: the lighter unstable particles form a shell (the atmosphere and hydrosphere), while the heavier - denser central basis. Light unstable particles contain many particles Yang, and heavy - a little.

To illustrate the transformation by emitted Ether is better by the example of the impact on the bodies located on the surface of the planet with the help of that what we call the atmospheric pressure.

Chemical elements, atmospheric gases, accumulating solar particles Yang, quickly form a total Field of Repulsion. Since the overlying layers of the atmosphere prevent to the chemical elements of lower layers to move away from the planet surface, Ether of the lower penetrates the bodies with which it contacts and heats them in such way – i.e. transforms.

Exactly the same thing happens in the composition of chemical elements. When the particles hinder to the light particles to move away from the center, they "penetrate" them by emitted Ether and transform (i.e. heat).

So, as you can see, there is a complete similarity of processes and phenomena occurring in the macro-and microcosm. And the process of transformation of emitted Ether similar to the previously described processes of transformation by motion and by gravitation. Ether emitted by the particle Yang puts pressure on the Ether filling the particle which it contacts. He enters into the front hemisphere of the particle and its required amount disappears in the Zone of Destruction of the particle instead of Ether, born in the particle. Does this Ether satisfy the “needs” of transformed particle fully or partially, it depends, first, on the rate of emission of Ether (of the magnitude of the Field of Repulsion) by transforming particle. And secondly, on the rate of destruction of Ether in the transformed particle. If emitted Ether enters into the particle at a rate equal to or greater than the rate of destruction of Ether in it, all born Ether, which is usually entered into the front hemisphere and destroyed there, now released and moves to the rear hemisphere, together with amount of born Ether that comes back there "routinely". There occurs a destruction of the demanded amount of Ether. And if there is an excess, it is outputted out of the particle in the form of Repulsion Field. If the total amount of Ether that released to the rear hemisphere, is less than or equal to the rate of destruction, the Field of Repulsion arises. The Field of Attraction (if we are talking about a particle Yin) is just reduced. And if the rate of destruction is more, there occurs a Field of Repulsion. If the transformed particle is Yang, its Field of Repulsion increases.

It should be noted the following. The velocity of entering of Ether into the particle can immediately exceed the rate of destruction of Ether in the front hemisphere. Then, simultaneously with the release of Ether that born in the particles in its rear hemisphere some excess of external Ether enters into its rear hemisphere. And then the probability increases that at a particle with the Field of Attraction this field does not only decrease, but a Field of repulsion will occur. Accordingly, there is an increase of the Field of Repulsion at a particle Yang.

Here is the mechanism of transformation of particles by antigravitation. As you can see, it is completely analogous to mechanisms of other "ways of transformation".

However, we have described only one of two ways to "get" the transformation by emitted Ether. The second way - is the transformation at a collision of particles.

We have not yet discussed in detail inertia. A little later, in the articles dedicated to this subject of mechanics, we know that any particle that entered into the state of inertial motion certainly emits Ether by the rear hemisphere. Exactly this Field of Repulsion and supports its movement by inertia.

When moving particle encounters on the way other particle a collision occurs. Moving particle can not pass through another particle. It either moves it up and forces to move in the same direction and that itself or bounces and changes direction or stops. On the mechanism of the collision we discuss in detail in future articles with corresponding titles.

If the particle was moving by inertia alone, transformation will not happen at a collision. A particle, with which the moving particle collides, is not transformed by emitted Ether of moving particle. In this case, if the moving particle has the ability to change the direction of movement – to push off - it does it. The particle with which it collides, and which it could not budge becomes for it an insurmountable obstacle. The particle does not move, for example, when it is included in the composition of the chemical element, and it, in turn, is a part of the body. This particle on the way is stationary Ether which can’t enter into it because it is not free and can not move over. In this case, the rear hemisphere of the moving particle becomes the front and the front – the rear. And a particle is repelled by its own emitted Ether.

However, if the particle moved not alone, but as part of the flow of other elementary particles, or as part of a conglomerate, the particles moving behind it prevent to bounce it - either free or as part of a conglomerate, which includes our particle. Because of this particle is sandwiched between the particles on both sides. And Ether emitted by its rear hemisphere (former front) passes through the particle with which it collides. And heats it - transforms its quality. The mechanism of transformation is similar to that described previously.

By the way, just because in the collisions of bodies there is their destruction - partial or full – avulsion of parts of colliding bodies, especially in the contact zone. After all the heating of the particles in the elements of the bodies weakens the bonds between the chemical elements and between molecules.

Any particle with the Field of Repulsion "laves" the surrounding particles by emitted Ether. And this emitted Ether transforms the laved particles, since on these particles in this case, there is increasing the pressure of Ether. Moreover, the emitted by the particle Ether moves from itself surround Ether, and as the result the increase of pressure of Ether not only surrounding particles experience this, but also those that are behind them. As in the case of particles with the Field of Attraction, with the distance the pressure of Ether, the cause of which is the particle with the Field of Repulsion, decreases.

In addition to the transformation of the surrounding particles, Ether emitted by the particle with the Field of Repulsion postpones (repels) from itself these surrounding it particles. Besides emitted Ether repels from the surrounding particles this very particle that emits Ether. Features of the process of repulsion from each other these particles depends, first, on the magnitude of the Field of Repulsion of the transforming particle, and secondly, on the quality of the surrounding particles.

The farther the particle with the Field of Repulsion is located from the surrounding particles, which it transforms, the smaller the value of the degree of transformation of these particles. If the transforming particle with the Field of Repulsion and others particles surrounding it have the possibility to move away from each other, then gradually with the increase of the distance between them, the pressure of emitted Ether is reduced and, accordingly, the magnitude of the degree of transformation decreases.

However, very often in the world around us, there are factors that prevent the particles move away from the particles with the Fields of Repulsion. For example, such situation occurs in any chemical element. Elementary particles in any chemical element are combined by the total Field of Attraction of this chemical element. The centripetal Field of Attraction of this element plays the greatest role. It is thanks to this field Ether from the surrounding ethereal field moves toward the center of the element. Usually in any element particles with Repulsion Fields scattered among particles with Fields of Attraction. Emitted by them Ether also streams in the direction of the center of element. However, before this occurs, emitted Ether exerts pressure on the surrounding particles and thereby transforms them.

In the world around us two "transformation methods" – by attraction and by repulsion - everywhere coexist. What unites them is that they are typical for elementary particles as in statics and in dynamics – i.e. whether particles are at rest or moving. These two "transformation methods" are very common in our Logoic Plan, uniting in the composition of chemical elements in one whole elementary particles of varying quality - with Fields of Attraction and Fields of Repulsion. Everywhere, in any conglomerate of particles, where the particles with both types of Force Fields are presented, these particles are transformed by these two "ways of transformation".



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