Odessa National Medical University is one of the leading medical universities with the IV level of accreditation in Ukraine.

Odessa National Medical University was founded on 1900, September 1st as the Medical Faculty of Novorossiysky (now Odessa) University thanks to the efforts of the great surgeon N.I.Pirogov. The first dean of the medical faculty became the prominent scientist V.V.Podvysotsky who was the real creator of the medical faculty. At that time, only 125 students studied at the medical faculty in Odessa.

In 1920, the Medical Academy was organized in Odessa on the basis of the Medical Faculty of Novorossiysky University and became an independent higher educational institution. D.K. Zabolotniy, the great epidemiologist, became the first rector of it. In 1921, the Medical Academy was reformed into the Medical Institute. A status of University was given to the Medical Institute on August 29, 1994. In 2010, the university was given a status of National University.

The university enrolls over 6000 students and trainees, including 1300 foreign students from 57 countries of the world. The training of students is given in Ukrainian, Russian, and English. Foreign students have been studying at ONMU since 1946 and in 1996 ONMU was the first university in Ukraine to start medical education in English.

The studies are carried out by 800 teachers, 18 academicians, 105 professors and doctors of Medical Sciences, 407 associate professors and PhD.

There are six faculties (general medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, medical prophylaxis, pharmaceutical, postgraduate education), 58 departments (e.g.* Department of Social Work and Practical Psychology, Department of General Practice and Medical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy Department, Surgical Department, Neurological Department), 38 specializations and advance training in 20 specialties at the university. In 2013, ONMU started to train practical psychologists and social workers.

Post-diploma specialization is carried out in internship and magistracy.

Central Scientific-Research Laboratory, Health Family Center, and Scientific-Research Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy, Institute of Balneology and Medical Rehabilitation, Institute of Stomatology, Institute of Virology, and others are the clinical bases and bases of practical training.

The university has 18 blocks with a general area of 20,000 sqm., 20 well-equipped hospitals and clinics, 5 dormitories, a library with the total stock of 1 million books, publishing-printing complex, scientific medical computer center, sports complex, modern recreation centers on the coast of the Black Sea.

Odessa National Medical University has three museums.

Historical Museum comprises the exhibits devoted to the development of the University. Anatomical Museum helps students to study basic human anatomy. It includes 3 thousand exhibits prepared by the students and teaching staff of the University. The Museum of the Pathological Anatomy is one of the best professional museums in Ukraine. The museum has 2.5 thousand unique special materials showing the changes in the human organism that occur in different diseases.

Odessa National Medical University is a member of European and International Association of Universities.

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