The place and role of the international media in the context of globalization

International Information: main features and characteristics. The place and role of the international media in the context of globalization. International information as part of the political information. The meaning of "politics," "political information", "foreign policy", "foreign information", "foreign image of the country", etc.

Two information flow in the media, information from abroad and information aimed at foreign audiences. Foreign policy and the domestic situation as a subject of study, reflection and preparation of information for the media.

Foreign information in the Kazakh and Russian press
News, analytical, comment on the information in the press in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Foreign information in the publications of different types: public, political, economic, financial, and other features of the filing. Directions, problems, genre features in the Kazakh foreign information media. Sources of information. Accreditation is a formal access to information sources.

Official and unofficial sources of information. Information asset correspondent. Typology of publications and programs specializing in this subject, characteristics of their audience, methods of work international journalist, the use of global information networks, specific forms and genres coverage of the issue, the problems in different media.

Methods of study of foreign reality: observation, reading the press, watching TV, listening to radio programs, meetings and conversations with people from different social backgrounds.

Modern transformation of genre palette of international journalist.


Journalism is a compound multicomponent and multifunctional system organically incoming to the social system of society as the whole. So it is naturally should be considered within the limits of the systematic approach and modern typological conception. On this ground the following determination of journalism may be formulated:

Journalism is a social system aiming at the search, analysis discreet transmission of an actual social information to some indefinite mass audience with the help of the specialized communicative means (press, radio, television, internet and so on) which aims are: to inform it, its social adaptation, and reflection; and formation of a social opinion.

The type of journalism system is conditioned by social and political organization of a society, its interests, the cultural and educational as well as technical and economical factors that form the system.

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