Study, draw and describe the slides

N° 36* — hyalinosis of the spleen arteriole (stained with hematoxylin and eosin). Using low magnification find central arteries of the spleen follicule. Using great magnification study the width of the vessel wall and its lumen, the condition of internal and external tunics. Explain the mechanisms of development of hyalinosis of the spleen arteriole. Determine the outcome and significance.

JV2 42 — amyloidosis of the liver (stained with Congo red). Describe the localization of the amyloid, its appearance. Characterize the significance and outcome of liver amyloidosis

JV2 44 — fatty accumulation of the liver (stained with hematoxylin and eosin, Sudan III). Pay attention that fats are accumulated mainly in the peripheral regions of the hepatic lobules. Stained with Sudan III, the fat looks like orange drops, but stained with hematoxylin and eosin it looks like emptiness formed at the place of fat location.

JV2 46 —fatty accumulation of the myocardium (stained with Sudan III). Pay attention to the orange colour of drops in cytoplasm of cardiomyocytes. Demonstrative specimen.

JV2 152 —glycogen in the kidneys (Shabadash reaction). Using low and great magnification find accumulation of glycogen grains and granules in the lumens and epithelium of the convoluted tubules. The glycogen grains and granules are raspberry coloured. What disease is characterised by such condition in kidneys?

* Here and follow number according to the Kharkiv State Medical Universaty Pathological Anatomy Department.

Study the electronograms

Ballooning (hydropic) change ofhepatocytes, x 18 000.

Pay attention to the enlargement of canaliculi of endoplasmic reticulum with forming of vacuoles, filled with flake-like content.

Amyloidosis of kidney, x 22 000.

Pay attention to localisation and structure of amyloid mass in glomerular filter, to the width of basal membrane.


1. Characterise the appearance of the heart with fatty change: a) size, b) condition of chambers, c) texture of myocardium, d) view from side of endocardium.

2. Name the types of glycogenosis: a) ... , b) ... , c) ... , d)..., e)..., f) ....

3. Name the morphogenetic mechanisms of intracellular accumulation: a)..., b)..., c)..., d)....

4. Name the main specific staining techniques for fat: a)..., b)..., c)....

5. What is the most frequent cause of mucoid swelling?

6. Name specific histochemical staining for amyloid: a)..., b)..., c)..., d)..., e)....

7. Name the types of vascular hyaline: a)..., b)..., c)....

8. Give the characteristics of the morphogenetic stages of amyloidosis: a)..., b)..., c)..., d)....

9. The patient suffered from hypertension and died because of cerebral haemorrhage. Hypertrophy of the hart, haemorrhages into brain subcortical noduli, diminished of kidneys, microgranular surface of the kidneys has been revealed. Microscopic investigation demonstrates the changes in the arterioles of some organs: thickened walls, narrowed

lumens, intimae looking like homogenous pink mass. Name the type of pathological changes in the vascular walls. What process caused it? Characterise the changes in the kidneys.

Answers: 1. a) enlarged, b) stretched, c) flabby, d) yellow,

e) yellow-white drawing. 2. a) Gierke's disease, b) Pompe's disease, c) MacArdle's disease, d) Hers' disease, e) Forbes-Cori disease,

f) Andersen's disease. 3. a) infiltration, b) decomposition, c) transformation, d) disturbed synthesis. 4. a) Sudan III, b) Sudan IV, c) sulphates nil blue. 5. Hypoxia. 6. a) Congo red, b) methylrosanilin chloride, c) methyl violet, d) scharlach red, e) iodine green. 7. a) simple, b) lipohyalin, c) compound hyalin. 8. a) preamyloid stage — transformation mesenchymal elements which synthesed protein to amyloidoblasts, b) synthesis of fibrilar protein, c) aggregation of amyloid fibrils with formation of the reticulum of amyloid substance, d) formation of the compound carbohydrate-protein — amyloid. 9. Hyalinosis as outcome of plasmatic infiltration, atrophy and sclerosis of nephrons, arteriolosclerotic nephrosclerosis.

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