Only those particles which after bringing them in motion have a Field of Repulsion - originally inherent or arising as a result from the transformation (unimportant) – are capable to inertial motion.

The particle which after bringing it into motion saves in the rear hemisphere the Field of Attraction, will not move by inertia. Explanation for this is following.

For order to the particle could move by inertia its rear hemisphere (it is allocated conditionally) must emit Ether, which as soon as turns out outside of the particle, pushes it forward. The particle, in which in the rear hemisphere the Field of Attraction does not disappear, of course, can not emit Ether. Entering into the particle external Ether does not come out of the particle, creating or enhancing a Field of Repulsion behind, while in the particle there is a "need" in disappearing Ether in it. And only entering into the particle Ether in varying degrees satisfy its "need", then its own created in it Ether begins to emit. Created Ether emits the more, than the needs of the particles in the destruction of Ether are satisfied better. If the particle velocity relative to the ethereal field exceeds the rate of disappearance of Ether in it, whereas in the Field of Repulsion of the particle and the external Ether is included – entering into the particle, but not destroying in it.

And here is the mechanism of inertial motion.

If the particle has a Field of Repulsion (naturally existing or arising as a result of transformation), then in the state of quiescence Ether is uniformly emitted by the particle in all directions. If the particle with the Field of Repulsion shifts relative to the ethereal field, Ether of ethereal field does not let to Ether of the Field of Repulsion to be emitted in the front hemisphere of the particle. Ether of ethereal field entering into the particle exerts pressure on the Ether, that tends to be emitted in the front hemisphere, and makes it to be emitted in the rear hemisphere.

Ether emitted in the rear hemisphere is faced with an ethereal field behind the particle. As a result, between Ether filling the particle and ether of ethereal field behind the particle occurs an excess of Ether - Ether ejected from the particle. As a result, in the Ether filling the particle it is appearing the tendency to move away from this excess of Ether. Otherwise, we can say that ether filling the particle is repelled by Ether supplanted from it. And the particle continues the motion, which in mechanics is called by inertial motion.

We can say that the phenomenon of inertia literally embodies the idea of ​​"perpetuum", which from time immemorial is a dream of mechanics- engineers.





Ether emitted by the rear hemisphere of the particle moving by inertia, this is the Force of Inertia. This Force of Inertia is the repulsion of Ether filling the particle by Ether emitted by it.

The magnitude of the Inertial Force is proportional to the rate of emission of Ether by the particle. I.e. the greater the Field of Repulsion of the particle is, the greater the value of occurring in it Force of Inertia.

We recall that often an inertial motion of particles immediately after the push becomes a uniform character. In this case the Field of repulsion of the particle includes not only Ether, born in the particle (and released because its destruction is replaced by destroying of external Ether), but also external Ether, which entered into a particle and not destroyed in it.


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