In physics the Matter is the bodies, as well as chemical elements from which these bodies are built and also the elementary particles. In general, the use of the term in this manner can be considered approximately true. The Matter, in fact from the esoteric point of view, is Force centers, i.e. elementary particles. Chemical elements are built up of elementary particles, and bodies – of chemical elements. But eventually it turns out that all consist of elementary particles. But to be accurate, we see around us not the Matter, and the Souls – that is, elementary particles. An elementary particle in contrast to the void space (i.e., in contrast of Soul to Matter) is endowed with the quality – in it the Ether appears and disappears.

The concept of substance can be considered as synonym for the concept of matter used by physics. Substance – is, quite literally, what constitutes things surrounding a person – that is, chemical elements and their compounds. Chemical elements, as already mentioned, consist of elementary particles.

For the substance in science exist the concepts-antonyms – anti-substance and antimatter, which are the synonyms to each other.

Scientists recognize an existence of antimatter. However, what they take for anti-matter, in reality is not that. In fact, antimatter always is at hand of science and was indirectly discovered a long time ago, from the beginning of experiments on electromagnetism. We can constantly feel manifestation of its existence in the world around us. Antimatter in the universe arose together with matter at the very moment when elementary particles (Souls) appeared. Substance – this is particles Yin (i.e. particles with Fields of Attraction). Anti-substance – is particles Yang (particles with Fields of Repulsion).

Properties of particles Yin and Yang are directly opposite, and due of this they are well suited to the role of required matter and antimatter.



An elementary particle always tends to move together with Ether, which currently fills it, in the same direction and with the same speed. Ether – is a moving factor of elementary particles. If Ether, that fills the particle, is motionless, then the particle is also immobile. And if Ether, filling the particle, is moving, the particle is moving too.

Thus, because there is no essential difference between Ether of the ethereal field of the Universe and Ether of particles, all Principles of Ether behavior are applicable to elementary particles. If the Ether, which currently belongs to the particle, moving toward a deficiency of Ether (according to the first principle of Ether behavior – ""In the ethereal field voids do not appear") or moves away from an excess (in accordance with the second principle behavior Ether - "In the ethereal field the areas with excess density do not appear"), the particle is moving with it in the same direction and with the same speed.



Force – is one of the fundamental concepts in physics in general and especially in one of its sub-sections – in mechanics. But what is it, how can we characterize it and support by something existing in reality?

To begin, let’s open any Physical Collegiate Dictionary and read the definition.

"Force in mechanics – is a measure of the mechanical action on this material body of other bodies" (PCD, "Force", ed. AM Prokhorov).

As you can see, Force in modern physics does not carry information about something specific, real. But at the same time the manifestations of Force are more than something concrete. To remedy the situation, we need to look on the Force from the position of occultism.

From the esoteric point of view a Force – it is nothing like Spirit, Ether, Energy. And a Soul, as you recall, this is also Spirit, only it is "folded like a ring, like a snake". Thus, both the free Spirit – is the Force, and the Soul (a locked Spirit) – is the Force. This information will greatly help us in the future.

Despite some vagueness of the definition of Force, it has quite real implications. This is not an abstract concept, as it appears in physics today.

The Force – is the reason that compels the Ether to move toward its deficiency or go away from its excess. We are interested in the Ether enclosed in elementary particles (Souls), so for us the Force – is, first of all, the reason that makes the particles to move. Any elementary particle – is the Force, because it directly or indirectly affects on other particles.

The Force can be measured by the speed with which the Ether, filling the particle (in other words, the particle itself), moves under the influence of the Force, if other forces would act on it. That is, the speed of the ethereal flow, coercing particles to move, this is the magnitude of this Force.

Let's classify all types of forces arising in particles, depending on the reason, which causes them.


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