All books of the series "The Teaching of Djwhal Khul - Esoteric natural science" are created during the meditative contact of the disciple (author) with the consciousness of the Teacher (the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul).

I’ll try to describe this process.

I (disciple) tune my mind. I go into a state of meditation, move away from earthly concerns and start to concentrate on the theme that I want to understand and properly interpret for myself. Or just I go into a meditative state and in this state find in my mind "above" something like a mental parcel – some theme, a question that requires a parsing and concentrated consideration. Either this topic is known to me or may be entirely new. I will not know until look at this. A viewing is almost instantaneous. And now I'm in the needed state for work. It’s desirable that both the physical health is consistent to the high level of a mental-emotional activity. Therefore, slow walks are the most desirable time for such meditative contacts.

If a level of my motivation is high, i.e. the desire to understand the issue is great – a communication is much easier, and any noise does not interfere.

Such sessions are like telepathic lessons.

The Messages from the Teacher are the thought-packages. They descend to the brain and become a "trigger" to the start of thinking on this theme.

In parallel, I am getting ready for them - read books, observe the studied processes and phenomena, visualize, meditate on the given topics. Hours and days, hours and days. Even weeks and months were needed sometimes for consideration of a single, particularly difficult issue. I can say that getting of detailed, basic information about the occult and the various fields of science took me about 4-5 years. It was time, especially in the beginning when I could not understand many things. I was highly strained and suffered when it turned bad.

First 1.5 years it was a kind of automatic writing. I was immersed into the trance state and just fixed on the paper everything that appeared in the brain. I realized all that I wrote down. However, I understood that it was not completely my thoughts. This period was, in some way, a preparatory training. And the most important and interesting began then. During this time (1.5 years), I studied the method of perception of impressions sent telepathically. Master thoughts were very clear, energetic and highly demanded of immediate fixation (otherwise they will be missed, and they will have to be retransmitted). So I was walking everywhere with pens and notebooks and constantly wrote, what causes surprising and curious glances of provincial residents that by the way did not care me. Let get used to the image of a writer, I thought to myself.

In the process of assimilation of transferred material and reading of more and more number of scientific and esoteric literature (more - scientific) I gradually became a full member of the creative process of writing of articles for the books. Together we worked out the language, which could convey a new terminology necessary to describe natural phenomena and processes exactly from our point of view. I say "our" - in fact, I have long ago become "their", teachers, worker. Therefore, I say "our".

By the end of 6 -7- year apprenticeship I am so imbued with the spirit of the new transmitted teachings, and I can now, without a constant control of the Teacher, explain most of things happening in the world. Any scientific book became for me truly open, unsolvable issues and problems disappeared. Everything has become absolutely clear. The Laws of Attraction and Repulsion, Transformation and Identification really reign in the universe. At least in this universe. If you realize the nature of these laws then you will understand the meaning of science.



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