¨ What are the most common styles used in business letters?

¨ Do you write your e-mails in formal style? Why?

¨ In what cases is formal style preferred?

Стиль письма


ПРОСТОТА. В деловых письмах следует избегать устаревших, помпезных и высокопарных, а также неуместно "интеллектуальных" фраз, т.к., с одной стороны, это усложняет понимание передаваемой информации, с другой стороны, в ряде случаев может создать нежелательное или даже негативное впечатление об авторе письма.


ВЕЖЛИВОСТЬ. Независимо от избранного вами стиля - официального или неофициального - вы должны быть вежливы, избегая резких или двусмысленных выражений. Настойчивость также не должна превратиться в грубость.


ИДИОМАТИКА, РАЗГОВОРНЫЕ ШТАМПЫ, ПРОСТОРЕЧЬЕ. Главное избрать естественный тон письма, соответствующий ситуации. В любом случае нейтральный и выдержанный на протяжении всего письма стиль наиболее предпочтителен. Будьте особо аккуратны в использовании идиоматических выражений, сленга и разговорных штампов, поскольку будучи иностранцем, вы можете не почувствовать до конца всех стилистических особенностей и, таким образом, попасть в неловкую ситуацию или быть неверно понятым.



April 30, 20...


Weatherproof Ltd.,


Liverpool L30 7KE


Dear Sirs,


We acknowledge receipt of your letter dated April 23, 20… . Thank you for the publications we found enclosed. We shall be obliged if you will send us your latest Catalogue of Machines and Spare Parts.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours faithfully,

Kate McKnie



London, May 9, 20...


Fournier et Cie SA

Avenue Ravigny 4

Paris XV


Dear Sirs


We thank you for your letter of May 3, 20… . At your request we have pleasure in sending you under separate cover our new leaflets and Catalogues of Textiles covering the whole range manufactured by Smith & Co.


We are forwarding you our pattern-books so that you could examine the texture and quality. Please, note that you can purchase from us fabrics equal to all samples and patterns, as at present the whole assortment is available.


We hope that our publications will be of interest to you. And please, let us know if our pattern-books favourably impress you. We look forward to your early reply.


Faithfully yours







London, 29 Dec, 20...

The Jameson Construction Co.

Harbour Road

Melbourne 6



Dear Sirs

Order #356/4

We have received your letter sent by air-mail. In our turn we are attaching a cheque for 3,250 USD in final settlement of your invoice dated December 20th for the goods under Order #356/4 shipped on December 18th, 20… . Copies of the shipping documents including the Charter-Party required are enclosed herewith.


Faithfully yours

Diana Daniel





London, March 28, 20...

Messrs. L.Thomas and Son

150 Beachview Avenue

Bournemouth H77 60P

Attention: Mr F.Thompson


Dear Mr Thompson

Ore Contract # 2/138


With further reference to Contract # 2/138 for the sale to us of 10,000 tonnes of Ore cif Stockholm, we would ask you to inform us by fax whether you have already chartered a vessel for transporting the Ore under the contract in question.


Please, send us the documents concerned accompanied by a covering letter. We look forward to your early reply.


Sincerely yours




Bournemouth, April 5, 20...


A.B.White & Co., Ltd.

567 Queen Street

London EC4 8YH


Dear Sirs

Contract # 2/ 138


We are writing to inform you that as the freight market is rising at the moment we have come across some difficulties as far as freight rates are concerned. But we are glad to advise you that in the long run we have chartered a vessel of the required capacity at reasonable rates for the transportation of Ore sold to you cif Stockholm under Contract # 2/138.


We are sending all the papers required under separate cover. If you get interested in further details you will be able to see our representative who is to visit London next week. Please, acknowledge receipt.


Faithfully yours




New York, NY, June 3, 20...


Amperlite Ltd.

146 O'Leary St.

Dublin 2



Dear Sirs


We acknowledge receipt of your fax of today's date. Thank you for the copy of the Charter-Party for the M.V. Helen.


We would be indebted to you if you would advise us of the date of the vessel's departure as well as the quantity of the goods loaded.


Faithfully yours

C. Bright




14 February, 20...

Modern Plastics Ltd.,

Melox House,

Portsmouth, P92 4CC


Dear Mr.Brown,


We acknowledge receipt of your letter dated Feb 9. We have to advise you of the delay in shipment as we have received a fax from the shipowners of the M.V. Helen.

The vessel sailed from the port of loading at the stipulated time but due to a severe storm on the Mediterranean Sea it had to call at the Greek port of Piraeus. Now the vessel is on the way to the port of destination.

We will do our utmost to keep you informed of the position of the vessel. Our shipping agents will cable us the moment the vessel enters the port.


Sincerely yours,


Transport Manager


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