Formatting G-code Blocks

A permissible block of input code consists of the following programming elements, in order, with the restriction that there is a maximum (currently 256) to the number of characters allowed on a line:

• Optional block delete character (/)

• Optional line number

• Any number of words, parameter settings, and comments

• End of line marker (carriage return or line break)

Programs are limited to 999,999 lines of code.

Line Number

A line number is indicated by the letter N followed by an integer (with no sign) between 0 and 99,999,999 and written without commas.


A word is a letter other than N or O followed by a real value. Words may begin with any of the letters shown in the table below. The table includes N and O for completeness, even though, as defined above, line numbers are not words. Several letters (I, J, K, L, P and R) may have different meanings in different contexts.

Word Initial Letters

The supported G-codes are shown and described in more detail in this section. The descriptions contain command examples set in Courier type font.

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