Prepositional Phrases

1. The problem of converting rotary motion to linear motion is an extremely difficult one due to the conditions just mentioned. 2. At first, this make of engine seemed to be very effective. 3. In spite of, or perhaps, because of its appar­ent simplicity, the scientific law in question is often misun­derstood. 4. The engineer made some remarks with reference to the problem under consideration. 5. The above phenomenon may be due to two causes. 6. The inventor made a new discov­ery with regard to the improvement of his engine. 7. The usual method of producing high-frequency waves is by means of vacuum tubes. 8. In view of the various sources of supply no attempt at standardizing power-station equipment was possible. 9. In the case of gases, we find that the higher the temperature, the less gas will dissolve. 10. Owing to two opposing effects, the pressure in the gas tube can be either high or low. 11. In effect, what is said with regard to one de­vice will apply to the other, as well. 12. According to the data obtained, the test was successful in spite of unfavourable conditions. 13. Galvanized iron is often used instead of alu­minium because of its cheapness. 14. Great progress has been made in science due to the discovery of the law of gravity. 15. In order to classify the elements, they are arranged in a table in the order of increasing atomic weights and each one is assigned a number by means of which we find its position in this table. 16. Silver stands out among the tested materials thanks to its low resistance and stability. 17. Every atom is composed of at least an electron in addition to a central nucleus. 18. The apparatus, in question, broke on account of its having been made of an unsuitable material.


1. It is an increase in temperature that increases the speed of the molecules. 2. The chief requirements for silent and vibrationless running of small motors may be found in any standard textbook on mechanical design. 3. If that be true the curves should also be true. 4. Such conditions can and do occur due to shortage of generating plants in this area. 5. It was with this object in view that this device was in our laboratory. 6. If this system is to serve as a voltmeter, a resistor has to be added in series. 7. In 1870Mendeleyev arranged the elements in the form of a table and it is to Mendeleyev that we owe the present tabular form of the periodic law. 8. The brevity of the table doubtless requires that something further be said in explanation. 9. It is obvious that provided the magnetic field is produced by a coil of several turns, its intensity is much greater than if only one turn were used. 10. Naturally, this circuit can be modified if necessary. 11. Evidently, the fre­quency could be varied to meet different conditions. 12. Even now, it is impossible to say whether future improvements may not depend on the results of researches that seem unim­portant today. 13. No matter in what position the cell may be put, it will serve its purpose. 14. It is clear that the decision had to be made as to whether the uranium should be in the form of long rods. 15. One must keep in mind all the above figures. 16. Unless they apply new devices, it will be necessary to proceed as follows. 17. It was the diameter of the wire that we did change to obtain the above results. 18. It is desirable that there be only one tuning control for picture and for sound. 19. There will be no transfer of electricity between the two charged bodies provided they are joined by a glass rod. 20. Had we carried our scheme further at that time (that is 3 weeks ago), the instrument indication would have been quite different. 21. Were that liquid heated, it would greatly ex­pand.

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