Questions to control basic knowledge

1. Give classification of the diseases of reproductive system: a)..., b)..., c) ... .

2. Name main types of ectopic pregnancy: a)... , b) ... , c)...,d)....

3. Which structural cellular elements allow to diagnose the disturbed tubal pregnancy: a) ... , b) ... , c) ... , d) ... ?

4. What is a modern term for hypertrophy of the prostate gland (according to character of the pathological process)? Name its histological types: a) ..., b) ... , c) ... , d) ... ?

5. What are main etiological factors in development of postnatal infection of the uterus: a)..., b)..., c)... ?

6. Name precancerous conditions of the breast: a) ... , b)...,c)....

7. Problem. Metrorrhagia and uterine discharge contained the fetus developed in the women with 27 weeks pregnancy after lifting a heavy thing. What is your diagnosis?

Answers: 1. a) dyshormonal, b) inflammatory, c) neoplastic. 2. a) tubal, b) ovarian, c) abdominal. 3. a) decidual cells, b) chorion villi, c) clots of blood in the lumen of the tube, d) loosening and thinning of the tubal wall. 4. a) adenoma, b) dyshormonal hyperplastic prostatopathy, c) glandular, d) musculofibrous, e) combined. 5. a) staphylococcus, b) streptococcus, c) colibacillus. 6. a) dyshormonal dysplasia, b) gynecomastia, c) gastritis, d) enteritis, e) colitis. 7. Late abortion.

Questions to control the knowledge

1. Classification of the diseases of the female reproductive system.

2. What are the most common diseases of the male reproductive system?

3. Etiology and pathogenesis of dyshormonal and inflammatory diseases of the uterus.

4. Clinico-morphological characteristic of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system.

5. The most common types of pregnancy pathology, its causes and outcomes.

6. The concept of spontaneous abortion, labor infection, placental polyp, hydatidiform mole; their outcomes and complications.

7. Etiology, pathogenesis and pathomorphology of eclampsia and it complications.

8. Benign and malignant tumours of the reproductive system.


Adenoma of the prostatic gland, dyshormonal hyperplastic prostatopathy, glandular, musculofibrous hypertrophy, glandular hyperplasia of the endometrium, estrogens, dysfunction, false erosion of the cervix, ectropion, true erosion, endocervicosis, benign dysplasia of breast, mastopathy, gynecomastia, feminisation, endometritis, uterine sepsis, mastitis, eclampsia, ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, premature labor, hydatidiform mole, placental polyp, chorione-pithelioma, labor infection, gestosis, fetus papyraceus, lithopedion, postpartum endometritis, complete tubal abortion, incomplete tubal abortion.

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