Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin or Mineral Sources Use by the Body Deficiency Symptoms
A Fish liver oils,liver,eggs,butter,yellow and green vegetables, fruits Healthy skin,eyes,teeth,urinary tract,and epithelial tissue Night blidness, skin and mucous membrane disorders,kidney stones
B1(thiamine) Organ meats(liver,brain.kidney,heart),whole grains,most vegetables Proper functions of heart,nervous system,and digestive tract;energy release from food;growth Beriberi (nervous system diorder), cardiovascular disorders, indigestion, fatigue
B2(riboflavin)Liver,poultry,milk,eggs,cheese,whole grains Metabolism of proteins,carbohydrates,and fats;tissue repair;healthy skin Dim vision, premature aging, poor growth, sore mouth and tongue
Niacin Meat,whole grains,potatoes,leafy vegetables,yeast Growth,healthy nervous and digestive systems,carbohydrate metabolism Pellagra;nervous,digestive,and skin disorders
B12(cobalamin) Liver and other meats,eggs,cheese,yogurt,milk Red blood cell production,healthy nervous system Pernicious anemia
C (ascorbic acid) Citrus and other fruits,leafy vegetables,tomatoes,potatoes Healthy blood vessels,bones,teeth,cartilage;resistance to infection;healing of wounds Scurvy,easy bruising,bleeding gums,swollen tongue and joints
D Liver,fish oils,eggs,milk,sunlight Growth,healthy bones and teeth,metabolism of calcium and phosphorous Rickets,poor teeth and bones
E Whole grains,leafy vegetables.milk,butter,vegetable oils Healthy cell membranes,possibly for reproductive functions Red cell rupture,muscular dystrophy,sterility (in lab animals)
K Leafy vegetables,soybeans;made by intestinal bacteria Normal blood clotting,proper liver functioning Hemorrhages
Calcium Milk,cheese,whole grains,meat,leafy vegetables,peas and other legumes Muscular and nervous system functioning,bone and tooth development,blood clotting,cell membrane permeability Soft bones,poor teeth,failure of blood to clot
Iodine Seafoods,iodized salt Cellular respiration(control of body functions) Goiter
Iron Liver,red meat,egg yolk,whole grains,prunes,nuts Healthy red blood cells Anemia
Magnesium Milk,whole grains,legumes,nuts,meat Healthy bones and teeth, carbohydrate and protein metabolism Improper nerve and muscle functioning
Phosphorous Milk,whole grains,meats,nuts,legumes Tooth and bone development,ATP producton,nucleic acids Poor teeth and bones
Potassium Whole grains,fruits,legumes,meat Nerve function,cell activities Improper nerve andmuscle functioning
Sodium Seafood, table salt Water balance,proper nerve and muscle functioning Muscle and nerve disorders,dehydration


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